Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Million Little Pieces

ok I know... it's in Oprah's book club. I have never read a book that was on her list but I would not read a book because it is on her list. I actually clicked on the top 10 selling addiction books link in the book section of and there it was so I decided to read it.

I'm half way through it and it is a very interesting story so far. Basically the author, James Frey, was heavily addicted to almost everything by age of 23. The story so far is about his stay in a Minneapolis Treatment Center.

His writing style is different. Whenever there is a conversation he writes what each persons says on one line. He also repeats words and sentences which emphasizes his feelings. He uses street language and an amazing amount of honesty which makes all the more real.

I am amazed that he remembered so much, in so much detail. Unless of course he is embellishing the story. That really doesn't matter though because the major points he makes should strike home with people that are battling addiction.

I will write a better synopsis once I am finished reading it.


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