Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Status Quo

What's so bad about status quo? It is defined as "The existing condition or state of affairs." Sometimes I find myself wanting to experience something more exciting than what I am currently experiencing. When in fact what I am currently experiencing may be what other people could only wish for... It seems that, as an alcoholic, I always want more. And when I get more it is still not enough. How come other people can stop after one or two beers and I can't. Unfortunately, the people I hung out with made it a challenge to see who could drink the most. And to be honest I played right along with it. Egging other people on.

I did not see the damage I was doing or that I was causing other people to do something that was not in their best interest. But then it comes down who do you blame. I blame no one except me. I was never strong enough to say I don't have to drink 5 beers in a row. I don't have to do a beer bong. I don't have to be the last one at the keg. In fact I was always trying to be the first one at the keg. That always broke the ice for me... a couple of beers in me and I was ready to go...

Why is that????

and that is my quest... to find out why


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