Saturday, October 01, 2005

Drive to rehab

Last night was a weird night. A friend needed a ride to rehab. This would be his third time in rehab. He's having a hard time putting the bottle down and goes on binges that last weeks. I do feel bad for him so I said I would give him a ride when he called. He said the other person that was going to drive him had to stay late at work. That should have alerted me. I picked him up at a bar and ended up driving him to about 3 different bars so that he could have "one" last drink. When we finally got into the area of the rehab he decided that he did not want to go anymore. So I ended driving him back home which took @45 minutes. I was pretty upset with him but there was really nothing I could do. I couldn't kick him out of the car. Plus I didn't know exactly where the rehab facility was located. I ended up dropping him off at the bar and I guess he ended up meeting his friends...

Like they say in AA you can't force someone to quit drinking... they have to be ready. I just hope he is ready before he does some serious damage to himself.